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This Events SL
This website contains information that includes, among others, reports, data, applications, special offers, press releases, photographs, graphics, text, images, logos, icons, designs, software, audiovisual material, trademarks, copyrights, other rights of intellectual property and of copyright and other materials (collectively referred to as content) owned by Hau Esdeveniments SL, its associates or other organizations that can be associated sporadically with Hau Esdeveniments SL for the presentation of events or any other activity
You acknowledge that the content belongs exclusively to their respective owners. Therefore, it is prohibited to copy, modify, amend, delete, extend, publish, transmit, create derivative works, create or sell derivative products, display or upload, or exploit or otherwise use such content without the express authorization of each respective owner.
By using our website, you acknowledge and agree that all content is protected by copyright.
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Your obligations as a user
To use this website, you must be of legal age according to the local legislation of the place where you visit the website.
You can use the information about La Mar that Hau Esdeveniments SL expressly makes available for download or copy from this website, provided that:
Do not modify this information or delete any copyright notice, trademark or intellectual or copyright property rights;
use this information only for personal and non-commercial use, and do not post this information on the Internet, on any website, on any computer on the web or spread it by any means; i
You do not provide any representation or warranty related to this information.

When you sign up for a service on the website, you must:
provide real, correct, up-to-date and complete information;
Regularly maintain and update the registration data so that it is real, accurate, up-to-date and complete.

If you visit this website, it means you agree not to publish, transmit or communicate messages that may constitute a crime or harm the interests of Hau Esdeveniments SL.
Any illegal or unauthorized use of the website implies breach of the general conditions. You do not have permission to access the website in any way that imply the breach of these general conditions, the legislation or the regulations of the country from which you are visiting the website. The illegal or unauthorized use of our website includes but is not limited to: (i) using the website in any way that may facilitate the illegal sale of tickets, copying, modifying, deleting, expanding , publication, transmission, creation of derivative works, creation or sale of articles derived from our content or in any other way exploit the contents, in whole or in part; or (ii) use any automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to obtain illegal access, acquire, copy or supervise any section of this website or any network connected to this website or reproduce or avoid the structure of navigation or presentation of the website or any content.
A) USE THE WEB SITE FOR YOUR LIABILITY. THE WEBSITE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND "ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY". WITH THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, WE EXPRESSLY DECLARE ANY RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY KIND RESPONSIBLE TO THIS WEBSITE AND ITS CONTENT, EVEN IF EXPRESS OR IMPLIED APPOINTMENT, WHAT INCLUDES BUT IT IS NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF TITLE, MARKETING, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, AND NO VULNERATION OF RIGHTS. B) WITHOUT LIMITING THE PREVIOUS POINTS, Hau Esdeveniments SL DOES NOT APPROVE, GUARANTEE OR INSURE THAT: (I) THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE WILL BE PRECISE, COMPLETE, RELIABLE, USEFUL, OPPORTUNITY OR UPDATED; (II) THE WEB SITE CONFIRMS YOUR EXPECTATIONS; (III) THE USE OF THE WEB SITE DOES NOT SUBMIT INTERRUPTIONS, BE OPPOSED, SAFE AND WITHOUT ERRORS; (IV) THE RESULTS THAT CAN BE OBTAINED FROM THE USE OF THE SIGUENT PRECISE OR RELIABLE WEB SITE; (V) THE QUALITY OF ANY SERVICE OR INFORMATION OBTAINED THROUGH THE WEBSITE OR THAT THESE SERVICES OR INFORMATION COMPLETE YOUR EXPECTATIONS; (VI) THE SERVER WHERE THE WEB SITE IS FREE OF VIRUS OR OTHER DANGEROUS COMPONENTS; OR (VII) IT IS CORRECTING ANY ERROR THAT APPEARS TO THE WEB SITE. C) ANY MATERIAL AVAILABLE TO THE WEB SITE IS DOWNLOADED AND OBTAINED ABOVE YOUR LIABILITY AND RISK AND IS THE SINGLE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CAUSED DAMAGES TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM OR THE LOSS OF DATA AS A RESULT OF THE DISCHARGE OR OBTAINING OF ANY INFORMATION, THIS MATERIAL. YOU (AND NO CHAU EVENTOS SL OR ANY OF ITS PARTNERS OR ANY OF THOSE PARTNERSHIPS OF THESE OR THE DEALERS OF LICENSE OR OTHER BODIES WITH WHO Este Esdeveniments SL ASSOCIATES SPORCAMALLY) ASSUME THE TOTAL COST OF ALL SERVICES, REPAIRS OR CORRECTIONS THAT CONVINGUIN. D) WITHOUT LIMITING THE PREVIOUS POINTS, NO ADVICE OR INFORMATION, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, BE OBTAINED FROM Esto Esdeveniments SL THROUGH THE ATTENTION SERVICE WEB SITE OR OF THE ATTENTION SERVICE, CAN CREATE ANY RESPONSIBILITY THAT DOES NOT EXTEND ACCESS TO THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS. LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES Este Eventos SL OR CHAIR OF ITS EMPLOYEES, DIRECTORS, ADDRESSES, ADMINISTRATORS, AGENTS, ASSOCIATES OR OTHER AGENCIES WITH WHOMES Hau Esdeveniments SL ASSOCIATES SPORCAMALLY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHICH RESULT FROM THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE WEBSITE OR THE COST OF THE SUBSTITUTE SERVICE OBTAINING OR THAT RESULT FROM SERVICES OBTAINED OR RECEIVED MESSAGES RECEIVED OR OPERATIONS FACILITATED THROUGH THE WEB SITE OR THAT RESULT BY AN ACCESS NOT AUTHORIZED OR ANY TRANSFER OF DATA, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, DATA OR OTHER INTANGIBLE, EVEN IF NOTICE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF THESE DAMAGES. YOU CAN NOT SATISFY THIS SITE WEB OR ANY OF THEIR CONTENTS, OR THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS, THE ONLY OPTION THAT YOU SHOULD NEED TO DEAD TO USE THE WEBSITE. IN SOME CASES, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THE APPLICABLE LEGISLATION DOES NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SPECIFIED PREVIOUSLY; THEREFORE, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THIS LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY DOES NOT APPLY TO THESE CONCRETE CASES. IN THE EVENT, ANY PART OF THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY WILL NOT BE VALID OR APPLICABLE FOR ANY REASONS, THE LIABILITY CONSTITUTES THAT EVENTS SL (AND OF ITS EMPLOYEES, DIRECTORS, ADDRESSES, ADMINISTRATORS, AGENTS, ASSOCIATES, OR OTHER AGENCIES WITH WHICH THIS Events SL SPORCAMOUSLY ASSOCIATES) IN CIRCUMSTANCES, SUCH AS THESE RESPONSIBILITIES THAT IN ANY OTHER CASES WILL BE LIMITED, THE CANADIANS DOUBLE CENTERS CAN NOT BE SURVIVED (100 CAD). IF THE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY SPECIFICALLY PREVIOUSLY APPLIED FOR ANY CASE, ANY CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION RELATED TO THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE EVENTS WEBSITE OR YOU HAVE THE GENERAL CONDITIONS, SHALL BE PRESENTED AT THE TERM OF D 'ONE (1) YEAR THROUGH THE FIRST DATE OF APPLICATION OF THIS CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION. Indemnity You are solely responsible for the information you publish on this website, for downloading files, for distribution Information and data transmission carried out by your computer system. If you cause damage to this website or if someone uses your name and password to cause damage to this website or damage the interests of Hau Esdeveniments SL, you will be responsible. Do not rebel anyone the password. In addition, you agree to indemnify and exonerate Responsibility Hau Esdeveniments SL its associates and other related agencies, directors, administrators, administrators, managers, employees, represented and any other person acting on behalf of Hau Esdeveniments SL and any other body with which This Esdeveniments SL is associated sporadically, of any claim, action, damage or other demands, including reasonable legal fees and any expenses arising from the use of this website. Suspected breach The breach of these general conditions and any other policy or agreement of Esto Esdeveniments SL, including unauthorized use of the Hau Esdeveniments SL website, may be investigated and the relevant legal actions may be undertaken, included, among others, measures Civil, criminal and precautionary measures. You acknowledge and agree that Hau Eventos SL may, at its discretion and without prior notice, withdraw access to the website of Hau Esdeveniments SL or exercise any other action that it deems appropriate, if Esto Eventos SL considers, according to its criterion Unique and exclusive, that your conduct or conduct of any person with whom they act accordingly according to Hau Esdeveniments SL violates or violates these general conditions or the law, or infringes the rights of Hau Esdeveniments SL, its associates or any body with whom This Esdeveniments SL is associated sporadically, of a client of Hau Esdeveniments SL or of any other user of the website. Intellectual property rights Este Esdeveniments SL respects the intellectual property rights of others and we ask that you also do it If you have good reasons to believe that any of your works have been copied or are being used on our website in any way that violates your intellectual property rights, we ask that you inform Hau Esdeveniments SL and specify the following information: the signature, physical or electronic, of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the rights; a description of the work that you consider to have violated the rights; The specific location on our website of the item that you consider is infringing your rights; your address, telephone number and email address; a statement that ensures that you act in good faith and that you consider that the use of the game is not authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights, its agent, or the law; a sworn statement under penalty of perjury or false oath (as applicable according to the applicable legislation) that confirms the accuracy of the previous information and that you are the owner of intellectual property rights or the person authorized to act on behalf of Applicable right The website at La Mar i Hau Esdeveniments SL operates from Girona, province of Catalonia, Spain. Therefore, any legal conflict between a user and Esto Esdeveniments SL is subject to the legislation of the province of Girona and the applicable laws of Spain, without taking into account the provisions related to conflicts of laws. In addition, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Girona, in regard to any other action or process produced or related to this website. Other conditions These general conditions, constitute the integral agreement between you and Esto Esdeveniments SL regarding the use of the website. These general conditions replace any other agreement between you and Esto Esdeveniments SL Note that you may be subject to other general conditions while using certain services offered by Esto Eventos SL or other agencies, such as the purchase policy. Although we do not exercise or enforce any right or provision of the general conditions, this does not mean that we give up our rights over this provision. If any term or provision of these general conditions or a part of any term or provision is not considered valid or can not be enforced, the rest of the general conditions will not be affected; Therefore, the other terms or provisions of these conditions will be valid and will remain in force at the maximum application according to the applicable law. Instead of the terms or provisions of these general conditions that are not valid or can not be put into effect, a term or a provision that is as similar as possible is added to these general conditions and that it is legal, valid and that may come into force. All requests for information about our general conditions must be sent to the customer service. Thank you for visiting the La Mar website. Take time to read and understand the general conditions of our site and our privacy policy. The following general conditions make up a legal document that describes the rights and duties that you have as a user. If you use our website, it means that you accept these general conditions. Therefore, if you do not accept these general conditions or any other policy of Hau Esdeveniments SL, do not use this website.

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